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he persist in his unbelief
Jesus and
begins with the narrator focusing

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bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Jesus and "the Jews - 31/12/2010 09:11

Jesus and

The expression p discount coach bags alerts the reader of a transition to a new episode in the Gospel story.'7 This is reinforced by the coach outlet mention of a opTi Ttfv 'Iou6a uv.M for which Jesus goes coach bags up to Jerusalem v. lb . The narrator docs not indicate the precise nature of this feast. The fact that he fails to provide this information in the context of an "exposition" may well indicate that it is of nike shox shoes little importance for the reader's correct understanding of the narrative. Ilis main intention would seem to be to place the whole of 5:1-47 within a specific religious-cultural setting.3* The description of nike shox the unnamed feast as "T«3V ' lou&u'o v" creates a certain distance between Jesus on the one hand and those who celebrate the feast on the other hand.40 This negative tone is reinforced by the paratactic construction of v. I. The image crcaicd by ihe simple juxtaposition of w. la and lb is not that of a Jesus who goes to Jerusalem as a pilgrim. It is worth noting in this regard that the text docs not nike shox turbo say that coach handbags Jesus went up to Jerusalem for a feast but rather that he went up on the occasion of a feast.41 The reader recalls an earlier episode in which the expression "TU'V 'louSafuv" was used in relation to a feast on the occasion of which Jesus had made his first visit to Jerusalem. On that particular occasion a confrontation took place between Jesus and "the Jews" 2:13-22 nike shox nz . As the reader is informed of Jesus' second visit to Jerusalem on the occasion of a <oprf| TUV 'louSatov. the question that comes to the fore is whether or not there will be another confrontation between Jesus and his opponents. Thus. v. 1 creates a sense of curiosity and expectation. Oncc Jesus arrives in Jerusalem the narrator leads the reader from the general to the specific as he proceeds to dcscribc a precise location in the city where the subsequent event is to take place v. 2 . Despite the textual difficulties associated with v. 2 the reference is cither to a "Sheep Gate."41 or to a "Sheep Pool" 43 In either case the intended area would nike outlet be the northeast of the temple. The existence of a pool in the northern comcr of Jerusalem which had long been associated with healing including pagan healings is now a well established fact and is generally recognized by biblical scholars.*4 The narrator then enumerates the various categories of people to be found in the colonnades at the pool v. nike shox r4 3a . The reader notices that the narrator is cheap nike shox following a particular technique in the enumeration namely the use of a general term which is then followed by a specific term. The content of the general term is thus made more precise by the content of the specific coach purses term invalids: blind lame paralysed 45 As the reader takes cognizance of this tableau of invalids the narrator focuses

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: begins with the narrator focusing - 31/12/2010 09:14

begins with the narrator focusing

his/her attention on one particular man whose physical state the reader is informed about v. 5 . This man who is said to have been ill for thirty-eight years discount coach bags enters the nike shox shoes stage as the second main charactcr in the narrative.44 The highlighting of the state of the coach bags man's physical condition has the narrative effect of recalling to the mind of the reader Jesus' previous miraculous deeds 2:1-11; 4:46-54 which in turn creates a sense of expectation of a possible miraculous healing by Jesus. The stage is set for the narrator to move from "exposition" to "scene." coach outlet Two important elements mark the transition from "exposition" to "scene": the shift from description to dialogue and the change from frequentative verbal forms and nominal sentences see w. 2-5 to verbs of action see v. 6 .47 One other feature in the "exposition" that may be nike outlet mentioned here is the "speed" of the narrative. The narrator moves swiftly through Jesus' journey from Galilee 4:46-54 to Jerusalem 5:1 . A journey which would certainly have taken a considerable number of days is narrated in just one sentence v. lb . This is an indication that "narrative time" is by far cheap nike shox longer than nike shox the "narration time."4* nike shox turbo The narrator maintains this fast tempo throughout the "exposition" as he describes in a series of sketchy notices the setting at the pool the presence of a multitude of invalids and the man who had been ill for thirty-eight years w. 2-5 . b The "scene" w. 6-9b The "scene" nike shox r4 begins with the narrator focusing the reader's attention on Jesus for the first time in the narrative. The reader has been aware of Jesus' presence since v. 1 and as the narrator coach handbags moves him from the background to the foreground the focus of the reader's attention turns to Jesus' reaction to the situation of the man in the preceding verse v. nike shox nz 5 . Two verbs of action coach purses \8uv; yvouV in a comment by the omniscient narrator provide Jesus' first reaction to the situation v. 6a .49 Jesus say*- the man and knew immediately that his condition was a hopeless one.50 The narrator's comment no doubt is a

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: this coach handbags literary - 31/12/2010 09:16


The section opens with the narrator's disclosure of an essential piece of information hitherto unknown to the reader namely. that'Hv 6< oaftkiTov Tij fuu'p . The narrative which had virtually come to its conclusion in v. 9b now bounces back to life with this new disclosure. The coach outlet new information introduces a decisive clement of "complication" into the narrative and this changes the direction nike shox nz of the dramatic action." This information also ruffles the reader's self-identification with the feat accomplished by Jesus. Aware of the fact that the discount coach bags carrying of objects on the Sabbath is unlawful see Exod 20:8-11; Neh 13:15-19: Jcr 17:19-27. See also m. Shabbat 7:2 the reader now senses that the healed man's carrying of his pallet in obedience to Jesus' command could result in a conflict. This crcates suspense as the reader pursues the reading experience to discover what happens next. Why did the narrator choose to disclose the information that the day of coach bags the event was a Sabbath in medias res The function of this coach handbags literary technique here is to force "the reader to review the healing from a new perspective which catches the reader by surprise."65 The technique also contributes to the heightening of the narrative tension and therefore helps to carry the narrative action nike shox forward by inserting the narrative within a specific institutional and legal context. The Sabbath motif should therefore be seen as an integral part and indeed a central element in the unfolding nike outlet narrative.6* It 2:13-22 and recalls that their coach purses previous and only encounter with Jesus was in the form of a confrontation. On nike shox turbo that occasion "the Jews" had questioned the right of Jesus to accomplish a prophetic act in the temple see 2:18 . Docs the appearance nike shox r4 of "the Jews" in the present context constitute an ominous sign for the reader that there might be another confrontation in sight However the reader soon bccomcs aware of the cheap nike shox fact that at least for now. "the Jews" take issue with the healed man whom they denounce for committing an unlawful act nike shox shoes on the Sabbath: oaflfkuov COTIV *ai OUK {COTIV oot apai TOV KpatfaTTOv oou. This denunciation by

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: healer discount coach bags - 31/12/2010 09:17


the nike shox shoes Jews" constitutes a formal accusation against the healed man and signals the beginning of a juridical controversy.** The ensuing exchange nike outlet between the two parties slows down considerably the pace of the narrative as "narrative time" and "narration time" become virtually identical 69 and at the same time heightens the narrative tension. The healed man. who now finds himself involved in a juridical controversy with "the Jews." defends himself by pointing to his healer {0 noiifaa \i< uytfj: "the one who nude me healthy" as the person behind his action.'0 Should the healed man's response be interpreted as a cowardly act which is meant to shift the blame from himself to his healer coach purses 71 It nike shox r4 seems that one must respond in nike shox turbo the negative for the following reasons: Firstly the reader understands from the word order in the coach handbags text that the emphasis of the man's response is on the reality of coach bags his healing. Secondly there is nothing in the response which could suggest to the reader that the healed man is antagonistic toward Jesus or wishes to act malevolently toward his benefactor.72 Thirdly ever since the disclosure by the narrator of the fact that nike shox nz the healing took placc on the Sabbath the reader has been sensing that a confrontation between Jesus and "the Jews" is on coach outlet the horizon. The reader would therefore understand the response of the healed man as the narrator's way of ensuring that "the Jews" get cheap nike shox to know that it was Jesus who had caused the alleged transgression of the Sabbath to take place.7* Thus in the final analysis the nanrator succceds in concentrating the reader's attention on the healer discount coach bags Jesus who is nike shox now out of the scene.